Hypnotherapy Treatment and Support During Pregnancy

Hypnotherapy pregnancy


Hypnotherapy is your drug free alternative to managing mood, emotions and even your  physical state during pregnancy.  It’s a well proven, safe and natural therapy that can be of enormous benefit to mothers at various stages during pregnancy.  It can also really help you , through the physical pain of the birthing process and even with your post-natal recovery, both emotional and physical.

A Short Case Study Video 

Watch this short video, which provides an example of how this might help you.  Then read on…

How Can Hypnotherapy Help? 

Clinical hypnotherapy can be applied to support and assist the expectant mother in a wide range of ways.

Hypnotherapy during pregnancy uses deep relaxation and the power of suggestion to help you achieve wonderful levels of calmness and confidence, reducing fear, anxiety and negative expectancy.

Emotions such as anxiety and distress aren’t unhelpful to you or your bub.  They trigger a range of hormonal and biochemical reactions within the body.  As these are released into a mother’s bloodstream the baby naturally receives them via the umbilical cord. It is even speculated that the baby’s patterns of anxiety, which it will carry through its entire life, are “calibrated” according to those of the mother in this way. It’s a fascinating intersection of the nature and nurture theories on child development.

More broadly, hypnotherapy can help tap into the part of your mind that’s responsible for bodily functions, such as heart rate, hormone production, immune and digestive system. Many women successfully use hypnotherapy to ease the pain of childbirth.  It can also be effective in helping to hold off premature labour, ease stress, or even turn a breech baby.  Yep, no kidding.

Perhaps for you it might be useful in helping you stop smoking, to adopt a healthier diet or lifestyle, to sleep better or let go of some addiction or dependency that’s putting your unborn child at risk?

Understand More… 

How can it help you during your birthing process?

If you’re scared, unnecessarily stressed or anxious, your body will respond accordingly. As it does so, it produces adrenaline, a hormone that makes your tense muscles more tense. That means your uterus has to work harder to contract and relax. With effectively delivered hypnosis, your breathing is more even, which means more oxygen reaches you and your baby. Increased oxygen stimulates the production of oxytocin (the hormone that controls contractions) and endorphins (the good-mood natural chemicals that runners talk about). The ultimate goal is contractions that are more effective and less painful.

I will however put this into perspective.  I’m not promising or even suggesting that hypnotherapy will make the process of childbirth completely stress or pain free.   What it can do is put you into a much calmer state, which is healthier for both you and your child.  It can certainly assist you in greatly reducing the sensations of pain.  It can also allow you to be less fearful and  stressed, ensuring you focus your precious energy on the process of delivery rather than burning it in useless and unhelpful bursts of nervous energy.  It can also assist in keeping your heart rate and blood pressure in the right ranges, which is safer for both you and your child.

Clinical hypnotherapy can also be extremely useful after the birthing process and for months afterwards, with such conditions as post natal depression.

Finally, and as earlier mentioned, it can be used to actually assist in bringing on labour.  Sound extreme?  It’s not; in fact far from it.   As you’ll see in my video above, it can actually assist the mum to transition from the mode of “must hold on and keep the baby safe and OK”, to “Its OK to let go now and allow bub to come”. 

While that sounds simple, it’s incredibly powerful.  As my earlier mentioned video explains, we in fact condition mothers-to-be throughout pregnancy at the unconscious level to hold on at all cost.  In some cases, that needs to be actively “reprogrammed”.  It’s certainly a lot less intrusive that medical induction.

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