Stress is one of the most prevalent conditions in western society.  In its’ own right, it can be debilitating and impact you in countless ways. So often as I work with clients, we discover through the right analysis that its “the problem beneath the problem”.

A form of anxiety, it is one of the most commonly prevalent and treated conditions through hypnotherapy, and an area of treatment specialty within this Practice.

Targeted Hypnotherapy expects to help you achieve very high success rates in managing your stress.

Imagine the relief you'd feel from a life where your stress levels were "normal and manageable", rather than what youre experiencing now.

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Understanding Stress

It's not uncommon for people to see stress as separate from anxiety.  From a clinical perspective, it's actually just a variation on the "way" you do anxiety; in fact the way you view some internal or external trigger to anxiety.

In today's society the sources of stress are endless. Social and performance pressure. Relationships, parenting, divorce and problematic friends, neighbors and relatives. Workplace bullying, traffic, debt, crime, terrorism. Debt and cost of living. Discrimination and victimization.  And that's just a few of the reasons people feel it.

My tailored hypnotherapy is especially well suited when your experience of anxiety is triggered by such external factors or simply your perception of those factors.

To understand a little more about anxiety, check out the following link to Anxiety.

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