Hypnotherapy Canberra
Hypnotherapist Canberra
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Imagine yourself.....only better
Solution oriented hypnotherapy.
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Solution oriented hypnotherapy.
Imagine yourself....only better.
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Imagine yourself....only better.
Solution oriented hypnotherapy.
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Unlock your full potential.  Sort out your unwanted habits and issues at a fraction of the time and cost of other therapies.

Paul Mullens Hypnotherapist Canberra

Experience the professional difference.
Paul Mullins B.A. Dip CHSP NLP
Principal Clinician

Are there things about yourself that you'd love to change but can't seem to?

Anxiety, stress & worry,

low confidence focus & motivation,

fears & phobias, insomnia,

weight issues, addictions, trauma?

Perhaps you want to supercharge your performance, focus, confidence, motivation & resilience?



Hypnotherapist Sydney City

Hypnotherapist Sydney City - Elizabeth St, Sydney Offices



My hypnosis treatments are safe, comfortable and enjoyable, delivered with genuine care.

Hypnotherapy Canberra

Others will notice immediate positive changes in you.

How you've achieved them can be our secret.


Join hundreds that have achieved life-changing improvements...

"My son's anxiety is dramatically improved. He's turned a positive corner in his studies, his attitude, motivation and his health, all thanks to you."


"For the first time in two years I've been able to drive in city traffic free from the anxiety that had me paralyzed."


"The awful memories of the accident are gone.  I'm sleeping through. I can't believe it! Thank you Paul!! This changes everything."


"Alcohol's had me for over ten years. I haven't had or craved a single drink since our first session. My wife and I are friends again :)..."


"Just delivered my keynote speech to huge applause. I nailed it. Can't thank you enough"


"The pain has gone.  I slept the whole night through. This is magic!"




Best-practice proven methods, delivered professionally.

Extensive services & treatment options.

Info & FAQ's understand Clinical Hypnotherapy.

BLOGs , Videos and "About Us" pages.


Every treatment is safe, quick, easy and effective.

Stop just wishing you were different.  Make it happen.

Let's talk.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Call me and discover how hypnotherapy can make the changes you imagine a reality



Experienced, fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Strategic Psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner


Health Fund and

Work Cover Approved Provider

Approved Hypnotherapist

Hypnotist Canberra


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Introducing Targeted Hypnotherapy

Watch Paul's Short Intro' video

What I do

You'll be surprised by the wide range of

problems and issues I fix

and conditions I treat.

Realise your full potential

Don't waste another day allowing fixable issues to hold you back

You too can join thousands that have seen a life-changing difference.

Safe, lasting treatments for issues including

anxiety, depression, stress, weight loss, smoking, insomnia, trauma and more.

Experts say hypnotherapy achieves far better results in 6 sessions than months or years of expensive counselling or psychologist sessions. Read more.

Targeted Hypnotherapy blends the safest most modern methods including Ericksonian hynotherapy, NLP, Strategic Psychotherapy and biofeedback monitoring  to create a tailored program that will achieve the best results for you.


Hypnotherapy Canberra


Hypnotherapy is the fastest growing therapy modality in the world for good reason. It's not only an amazing "bucket list" experience. You'll love the results and the positive impacts they bring to your life.

Our Principal Clinician, Paul Mullins will work with you personally to develop a tailored hypnotherapy treatment plan that's all about achieving your goals; the positive changes you desire.

Paul Mullens Hypnotherapist Canberra

Paul's therapeutic approach can transform your personal and professional effectiveness, relationships, health and quality of life.

He can significantly enhance and support your medical treatment processes.  His unique blend of professional skills and expertise will ensure your experience is comfortable, enjoyable and effective.

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Hynotherapist Canberra & Hypnotherapist Sydney

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...or take the easy way; relax and enjoy my short video explaining what I do.

Paul Mullins

B.A. Dip CHSP; Principal Clinician at Targeted Hypnotherapy

Paul is a fully qualified, healthcare fund approved and Government certified practitioner in both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy, a Professional Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences and Business, . Prior to this specialisation, he once held a range of highly successful executive and leadership roles within the corporate sector.

Paul's blend of professional and interpersonal skill-sets is  unique within the industry. He offers extensive therapeutic treatment skills, performance and leadership coaching, first hand executive career experience and professional and executive mentoring.  All this, combined with Paul's energising and deeply humanistic personal style, allow him to bring you a style of  treatment which is powerful and highly effective.

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Paul Mullins

B.A. Dip CHSP NLP; Principal Clinician at Targeted Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Sydney

Clinic located in Elizabeth St, Sydney

Hypnotherapy Canberra

Clinic located in Weston Creek


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