How We Operate

Have you recognised that something about you, or within you, isn’t right or could be better? That there's something about how you think, feel or operate that isn’t serving you well?

Perhaps you're down or anxious - maybe suffering from a phobia, fear or the effects of trauma, loss or grief? Is it that you're dealing with anger, chronic pain or performance anxiety, procrastination, focus or motivation issues?  It could be you’re addicted to or dependent on something? Maybe it's just that you feel you aren't living the life you were meant to lead?

Perhaps it's something about you or within youSomething that can quite possibly be changed or improved. 

Maybe there’s something you wish you could do…but can’t? Or something you wish you didn’t do, but can’t seem to stop doing…

My therapeutic approach can literally transform your personal and professional effectiveness, your relationships, your health and your quality of life...

...transform how you think, feel and operate; how and what you achieve.

No, we won’t spend months discussing and admiring your problem.  This is

a tailored, "Targeted" treatment process aimed at real outcomes and sustainable, positive change.

So you’ve decided to take action.  Where to from here?

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We'll discuss your particular wish or problem and together we'll devise a treatment plan to achieve what you need. In our first session, we’ll jointly establish a set of agreed therapeutic goals and commence treatment. Many notice marked changes and improvements after their first appointment.

Many traditional “old school” hypnotherapists use scripts. While easier for the therapist it's less successful. I do not use scripts. I utilise the most progressive methods and will deliver therapy that’s tailored uniquely to your needs.

The treatment package I design just for you will  deliver an ideal combination of therapies including any or all of the following treatment modalities:

      • Ericksonian, Foveal and Conversational Clinical Hypnotherapies
      • Strategic Psychotherapy
      • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
      • Time Based Therapies
      • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
      • Motivational Interviewing
      • EQ1 Therapy

I’m able to move from analysis to treatment in your very first session.

I am also one of the first in Australia to utilise leading edge equipment that monitors your mind's feedback , measured by changes in your skin temperature. It tells me instantaneously how well you’re receiving and responding to treatment “as we go”. It indicates both your general state of relaxation and key emotional reactions.  You will find it very reassuring.   I’m able to stay in close touch with what’s really going on for you during therapy; both to keep you comfortable and to better direct treatment as we go to achieve optimum results.

I focus directly on achieving the positive changes you want, rather than dwelling on your past and spending ages on why your problem exists.

My therapeutic style, closely following the Ericksonian model, is proven to be far more effective.  It uses many different doorways into your unconscious, depending on what feels and works best for you.

I will work with you hypnotically to equip you to "see things differently" and react and respond in the ways you'd prefer.

Hypnosis isn’t a ‘magic bullet’ and is rarely a one-shot wonder.  I can’t magically “zap” you and cause all your problems to dissolve. I can however achieve phenomenal results if you're receptive and cooperate fully with our agreed treatment plan.

Because every client is human and different, then so too are their problems.  Every condition varies in many ways between different individuals. For example, excessive eating might be emotionally driven by stress levels, anxiety or self-esteem issues. It can be a symptom of “problems within problems”, indicating there’s a deeper set of challenges you might also need to target. Thus, the number of sessions varies from person to person.

Some problems can be resolved in one session, but to achieve solid, long-lasting results, we would typically need between 3-4, sometimes as many as 6 sessions. At our initial session, we will discuss the options with you – obligation free- and you can decide how you want to proceed, if at all. Over 95% of clients choose a package of sessions once they understand what is involved in addressing the issue properly.


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What Is Our Treatment Process?

Initial Telephone Consultation:

Contact me and schedule an obligation free 30-minute telephone consultation.

Phone me now 0431 949766

This important pre hypnotherapy discussion provides you the opportunity to ask a few questions and for us to discuss what it is you'd like us to work on. That way we can both be confident when you attend Clinic that your goals are within reasonable scope for this kind of treatment.

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Session 1: Our Initial Clinic Session:

Allow two hours for our first Clinic session. Ideally you'll have completed the admission form and other paperwork I will have emailed you prior, maximising your value from the session. We’ll initially spend 45-60 minutes reviewing the information you've provided in the forms and discussing what it is you'd like to work on. We'll establish your session goals, and I can answer any questions you might have.  We’ll then do an initial 45-60 minute session under hypnosis, then spend the final 15 minutes discussing your experience and allowing you time to explore and enjoy the differences achieved so far.   

We'll produce an audio recording of each of your hypnotic sessions and provide you with a copy in MP3 format.  This will equip you to “do your homework”; listening to the recording daily between visits to reinforce the therapeutic benefit.

Most find it to be a pleasant experience they really enjoy.

Ongoing Clinic Sessions:

These are typically 60 minutes in duration. You will be more used to hypnosis and "getting good at it". The number of sessions you’ll require depends on various factors, including what we’re treating, your receptivity to treatment under hypnosis and your diligence in listening to your recordings in between visits.

​An agreed course of treatment might be two or three sessions for such things as smoking, whereas it might take three to four sessions for more complex treatments involving multiple issues.  We’ll discuss that in our initial telephone call and during the first clinic session.

​These sessions can be in person, or if attending in person is a difficult or impractical for you, we can under the right circumstances do our sessions via Skype.


Terms, Conditions and Agreements

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Ericksonian Style Therapy

Milton Erickson (1901 – 1980) is widely considered to have developed the most influential style of hypnotherapy in the last century. Based on extensive and in many cases non-conventional practical works rather than conventional scientific research, his methods and their therapeutic effectiveness were revolutionary. He developed what is described as the “Ericksonian style” based on “indirect” suggestion; an approach favoured by today’s most effective practitioners of strategic psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy.

Neo Ericksonian style hypnotherapy targets how the client enacts a problem in the present, rather than focusing on their past (which is behind them and can no longer affect them), and their future (which has not yet happened and as such can only be imagined). It focuses on the ‘process they run’ in maintaining their problem. It identifies unhelpful perceptions, patterns and associations in these processes. It dissociates and disconnects them and identifies and activates beneficial alternative distinctions, resources and associations within the person’s realm. A personalised and directed blend of approaches and treatments, rather than fixed and formulaic, is applied to stimulate better perceptions, choices, decisions and promoting constructive action.  It utilises trance state, highly beneficial as it ‘inwardly focuses’, addressing the subconscious mind where enduring positive change occurs. It achieves targeted focus, better retention and leverages hypnotic suggestibility.

Targeted Hypnotherapy uses Ericksonian-style therapy as a cornerstone of its treatment processes.

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The Therapeutic Alliance

As Dr Michael Yapko, one of the world’s leading practitioners in clinical hypnotherapy puts it, “The Therapeutic Alliance, otherwise known as the Clinician-Client Relationship is the foundation for successful Hypnotherapy”.

At Targeted Hypnotherapy, Paul Mullins our Principal Clinician places great emphasis on building a relationship of trust and cooperation with every client.   Paul's entire career has involved working closely with clients and colleagues, building strong and trusted relationships and working together to achieve the results and changes they seek.

Paul is especially skilled at understanding people; seeing inside how they think, feel and operate. Working with him, you will find yourself very quickly at ease and engaged. You’ll appreciate his flowing professional style and be energised by his genuine desire to help and get you the results you desire.  His easy, insightful communication style will help you get to the bottom of your problem quickly.  Together, you'll target the changes you desire and achieve the best possible results.

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How Do We Know If It's Worked?

This hypnotherapy treatment is all about you! Because we’re typically working on adjusting, changing or sometimes even starting new thoughts, feelings, emotions,  behaviors and skills for you, it will be largely up to you to determine what’s changed and to what degree.

Here's a Clinician's perspective.  It's fascinating to observe and experience my client's "change" experience.  Sometimes the changes are subtle at first and build over time, especially where we’ve used post hypnotic suggestions. Sometimes it's immediately and powerfully apparent.  Sometimes the change they seek won't even be apparent to them until they attempt a specific activity, such as riding their motorcycle or public speaking.

As my client, you will be in the best position to notice the changes.

Following our actual hypnosis session, I'll always allow 15 minutes for you to settle back to normal. This is a great time for us to discuss the experience, what’s coming up for you post-session and for me to explore your recollection of the hypnotic messaging I've used.

This post-treatment time is undoubtedly the most rewarding part of the entire process for me, as I watch my client's positive realisations clicking into place.  It's often powerfully emotional for them as they recognise and experience the sense of relief or release that the changes have made possible.

Where you’re engaged in a multiple session program, I’ll also spend time at the beginning of each new session on these topics too. It’s actually an important part of the therapy for a range of reasons.

Question’s I’ll typically want to ask you include:

  1. “What differences have you noticed since our last session?”
  2. “Has treatment brought about a perceived change for you?” “Did you act differently, and how?”
  3. “Have you experienced a re-occurrence of the problem state?” “Was that experience somehow different from previously experiences, and how?” “Has anything new come up?”
  4. “Are there any apparent factors that inhibit our further progress, and how do we address them?”
  5. “How are we progressing against our treatment plan and goals, and what do we now need to add/remove/adjust in that plan?”

As you'll appreciate, everyone's change experience is very personal, and very different.


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Do You Have Cultural or Special Needs

Targeted Hypnotherapy is committed to serving the individual needs of each client sensitively and comprehensively. Our hypnotherapy caters for clients from every walk of life and indeed every cultural background. Every client enjoys a tailored treatment plan that reflects not only their clinical treatment needs, but also their personal and cultural ones. Every client deserves to feel relaxed and respected.

Ask us about treatment to assist you where English is not your native tongue.  We can assist you to communicate fluently and easily, with free flowing English speech.

A cornerstone of our practice method is the creation of a “therapeutic alliance” between practitioner and client.  Based on mutual respect and free of judgement, that alliance creates the candor and trust so essential to treatment success.

If your traditional background; or indeed just “who you are” demands that specific protocols be observed during clinic, we’ll do our utmost to accommodate and respect those needs.

Please let us know at the time of your booking.

Call us: 0431 949766

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Hypnotherapy and Health Fund Rebates

Hypnotherapy and Health Fund Rebates

Hypnotherapy services attract Australian health funds rebates from the following providers.

PLEASE NOTE:  Companies change their coverage policies from time to time.  What is, and is not covered varies from policy to policy also changed from time to time.  You will need to check with your health fund if your policy provides rebates for my services.  I recommend you contact your health funds to check that you have cover.

  • Australian Unity Health Limited
  • CBHS Health Fund
  • CDH Benefits Fund
  • Grand United Corporate Health
  • HBF Health
  • Health Care Insurance (only for quit smoking and weight loss)
  • Health Partners
  • (limited cover and only if signed off by a GP)
  • Medibank Private (only if you have bonus extras)
  • Navy Health
  • Phoenix Health Fund
  • Queensland Country Health Fund
  • Railway and Transport Health Fund
  • Teachers Health Fund
  • Westfund
Relationship Boundaries and your Safety

Respecting our clients and their needs  and preserving their safety during every phase of hypnotherapy treatment is paramount to us at Targeted Hypnotherapy.

Paul Mullins, Principal Clinician at Targeted Hypnotherapy is a Professional Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.  The AHA, Australia’s peak Hypnotherapist association, operates a strict Code of Ethics among its members and is extremely prescriptive about the do’s and don’t of professional relationships.

Compliance with that code is a precondition of membership.  Confidentiality of information for example is extensively covered.  That’s of course over and above our legal obligations in that regard by virtue of the Privacy Act.

AHA Membership also imposes upon me the requirement of group and individual professional supervision, which I attend and participate in monthly.

Targeted Hypnotherapy relies heavily on your satisfaction and hopefully your personal referrals for ongoing work. We survive and thrive based on our excellent reputation and credibility as excellent service providers.

As your therapist, I will establish a written treatment plan and goals with you in advance, which specifies the nature of treatment and our therapeutic goals.

As a therapist, I’m prevented via the AHA code of ethics to physically touch you, beyond say a handshake hello, without your express consent.  There is no general reason for physical contact during Hypnotherapy except under specific and therapeutically intended purposes. If I think it would be helpful, I’ll of course seek your permission first.

Our code of ethics also specifies that I can’t maintain a social or physical relationship with you, inside or outside the clinic.    Ie routinely (and of course with full client knowledge and consent) record our sessions and provide you with a copy before you leave.  This is partly because I’ll want you to listen to their sessions as “homework” to really reinforce the efficacy of their treatment. It also however serves as a full transcript of everything that’s said and done during session.  It’s a great reassurance to my clients that they have complete knowledge and full control of everything that occurs, and a further safeguard to ensure appropriate behavior all round.

I take my professional approach extremely seriously, and you should be greatly reassured that all relationships are managed to a very high professional standard.

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Protecting Your Privacy & Confidentiality
  At Targeted Hypnotherapy, the Confidentiality of your information and your privacy is taken especially seriously. Any information, written, recorded or verbally communicated about you will be appropriately secured. By virtue of the obligations imposed on this Practice by both the Privacy Act, and the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, Targeted Hypnotherapy will not disclose anything about you, or share your data or information, with anyone without your express consent unless under very specific circumstance it’s legally obliged to do so. Those specific circumstances are as follows:
  • The Client or someone they mention is in real and immediate danger of being seriously harmed by the Client;
  • The Client has the genuine and immediate intent to commit a serious crime;
  • There is a chance the Client will be involved in the serious neglect or harm of a child; or where
  • For whatever reason Targeted Hypnotherapy or one of its Clinician’s is formally directed by a Court of Law to do so.
If this for some reason this presents a problem with us proceeding with treatment, you MUST advise us so immediately.

Contact us for an OBLIGATION FREE 20-minute pre-consultation phone call to discuss your situation and confirm that our treatment is suitable for you.



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