Insomnia and sleeping disorders are very common issues I treat and my success rate for improving sleep patterns are excellent.

The impacts of insomnia can be significant on your mood, energy levels, relationships, health, your work effectiveness, your aging process…just to name a few. If those effects are impacting you in such ways, it’s definitely something that together we can significantly improve. 

It's also not uncommon for me to have to help clients deal with persistent nightmares.

In what typically takes three sessions, I can help you get to the bottom of your sleep issue and sort out the factors in your life that underlay the problem.

All in the name of that all important “good nights sleep”.

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Insomnia or sleeplessness can also be a symptom associated with another problem such as excessive worry, stress or anxiety.  As you’ll read, there are many things that can contribute to the condition, and it operates in different ways for many people.

Understanding the Terminology

As with many fields of the human condition, sleeplessness and insomnia are often mislabelled and misunderstood.  Let’s briefly cover off the terminology.

  • Acute insomnia is a brief episode of sleeping difficulty, usually caused by stressful life events. It often self resolves in time as those events pass.
  • Chronic insomnia is a long-term pattern of difficulty sleeping, determined if someone has trouble falling/staying asleep for 3 nights/week over 3 months or more. There are many potential causes.
  • Co-morbid insomnia, which occurs with another condition, such as psychiatric symptoms, anxiety, depression and certain medical conditions.
  • Onset insomnia is difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night.
  • Maintenance insomnia is the inability to stay asleep, where the sufferer awakes during the night and has difficulty returning to sleep.
  • Nightmares, where sleep is disrupted by upsetting or disturbing dreams

Which one sounds most like you? How it happens for you is important to understand.

Many reach for medication. In most cases, this is just masking the underlying problem with chemicals. Yes, you might get some rest, but its common to build a dependency on those drugs. You’re also no closer to resolving the cause of the problem.  If it’s anxiety, it will probably just manifest in different ways.

I often write about the concept of the “problem within a problem”.  Sleeplessness is a classic example.  Address the anxiety that’s keeping you awake, and you’re a long way towards the solving the problem.

At Targeted Hypnotherapy, we’ll address both the symptom of sleeplessness, and where necessary the way you’re handing the underlying issues that are disturbing your sleeping patterns.

It’s almost never a one-size-fits-all standard approach that’s necessary.  Hence, recorded hypnosis sessions, while sometimes helpful, rarely sort out the underlying problem.

I'll  work with you to understand “how you do sleep disturbance” and tailor a treatment program to address what you need.

That might for example include:

  • Lifestyle, attitudes and behaviours potentially impacting your sleep;
  • Helping you with disruptive thought processes going on for you at night;
  • Time organisation (yes, it’s relevant);
  • Coping skills and problem-solving strategies;
  • Mind focussing and clearing strategies;
  • Examining your sleep hygiene;
    • patterns and cycles of going to bed and getting up and resetting your circadian rhythms,
    • Your sleep environment,
    • What you use your bedroom for, (eg TV in the room, pets),
    • Ingest patterns (food alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, etc),
    • Your napping patterns (eg in front of the TV),
    • Exercise patterns,
    • Sleep rituals,
    • Sleep prioritisation.

There’s potentially a lot involved in breaking the cycle of sleeplessness.  Once we’ve determined how it operates for you, we’ll apply targeted therapy under hypnosis, in the way that suits you; your make-up; your needs.

Just reading about these factors, or having someone simply coach you on it, has far less penetrative and enduring effect. Self-help books and recordings have far less impact in this area that you probably need. 

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