What's an Informed Consent Form?

This Informed Consent Form is important for your to read and understand our terms of service and to set reasonable expectations .  In our Clinic, we insist that every client is fully informed and understands our processes and "how it all works".

To understand this, including our individual and joint responsibilities as they relate to their hypnotherapy treatment/  It explains our pricing and what you can expect.  It is therefore a part of our standard procedure that we provide every client our Informed Consent Form prior to treatment.

This form provides you with what you need to know and understand about your treatment and the treatment processes you can expect to receive as one of our clients.

 You'll need to take the time to read, absorb and understand it.

In fact, it's a condition of our commencing your hypnotherapy treatment that you review, fully understand, absorb and sign our Informed Consent Form prior to treatment.

If you have any questions whatsoever regarding the content of this form or about our services and how we operate, please do not hesitate to raise such questions prior to our commencement of treatment and before signing the form.


To download and review it please click the button below.