Recovery requires specific focus and treatment.  Often, if nature is left to take its course, it takes a course we'd rather it didn't.  We don't hesitate to take rehabilitation of physiotherapy treatments where our physical recovery requires it.

Recovering mentally and emotionally requires the same targeted care.

At targeted hypnotherapy, we'll tailor a program of treatment specifically aimed at getting you back on track physically and emotionally.  Where the recovery is from a physical trauma such as surgery, we'll equip you with a positive mental attitude and motivation to embrace and comply with such treatments as your physiotherapy.

Where your recovery is from an emotional or mental trauma such as bullying, some catastrophic event or emotional violence, the program may include such things as anxiety, self esteem and specific trauma treatment.

Targeted Hypnotherapy will be your close partner in recovery and rehabilitation success, dedicated to getting you back on track.

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More About Recovery

Recovery can take many forms.  It can be a course of treatment in its own right or a component of treatment use while dealing with other problems.

It might be recovery from alcoholism, from gambling addiction, from a life-long smoking habit, an abusive relationship, grief or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). It could be that you’re coming back from a specific physical or emotional trauma, or another type of addiction like eating or use of technology.

Often, the road to recovery is barred by a much more pervasive addiction, hidden from the awareness of many: Addiction to negativity.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective treatment that can paves your road to recovery.

In many cases, recovery doesn’t HAVE to occur for you to continue in life.  It’s a choice. A mindset.  The choice to enjoy a life that isn’t controlled by something outside of yourself…including pervasive negativity.

You can RECOVER FROM NEGATIVITY. It does take some awareness and some work, but gets easier and easier the more you do it.

Regardless of what you’re recovering from, establishing a “how I can”, rather than “why I cant” mindset is crucial to lasting success.

Your Targeted Hypnotherapy Treatment process to support recovery will typically encompass the following elements:



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