Fear of public speaking be it in a presentation, a performance, a speech or eulogy, an interview or a board presentation can grip you at the worst possible times. The effects can be both physical and emotional.  It can not only be embarrassing, but it can be agonizing for your audience.  The barriers to you beating this fear are all in your mind.

Fear of public speaking is a form of Anxiety. It happens differently for different people. How does it happen for you?

My clinical hypnotherapy treatment will transform your experience of public speaking, AND how well it comes across to your audience.

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Is it brought on by giving a speech at a celebration, wedding or seminar? Perhaps it’s worst when it's work related...when you have to present, report or facilitate?  When all eyes are upon you;your professional credibility and capability are on display and you’re the centre of focus and attention.  Is it even worse when your audience has senior job title or status, or where your performance will impact your future prospects?  How do you fare sitting in front of the selection panel during the interview process for a new job or promotion?

If you’re reading this, you can probably relate. Even if you’re prepared for it, you know the material and you’re an expert in the field, when the time comes to perform, you freeze

If English is not your mother tongue, it can often be worse.  Many feel they’d be fine addressing an audience in their native language, but something happens in the translation when they’re feeling stressed and it comes out all wrong.

There often isn’t a rational reason for it.  It might be a “tame”, friendly audience, all wishing you well in your performance. You might be speaking to five, or five hundred. It still happens.


It’s not uncommon for sufferers to fear public speaking more than the thought of their own death.

Interestingly, the impacts vary between people also.  How does it “feel” for you?

For some it builds, often days beforehand, as a looming dread that steadily builds to acute anxiety. Others fear becoming tongue tied or saying the wrong thing, causing spiralling negativity as they visualise the shame and embarrassment this might cause.  Symptoms of the fear are decidedly unpleasant. They can include shaking, heart racing, sweating, tingling sensations, headaches, feeling light- headed, stomach upset and vomiting, fear and feeling hot or cold.

When public speaking “nerves” attack; the feeling is palpable.  You’re unsure just how apparent it is to your audience and that just makes matters worse.

One thing for sure. This form of stress and anxiety is rarely performance enhancing.

Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy offers a natural solution to overcoming fear of public speaking, requires no form of prescribed medication and is non-invasive in any form.

At Targeted Hypnotherapy, treatment for fear of public speaking generally requires between one and three sessions.   

We’ll help you harness the power of your unconscious mind to mentally rehearse delivering a great speech.  Your old negative mental programming will be replaced by more positive thought patterns.  We’ll focus on calmness, greater self-assurance and confidence, and belief in your capability and opinion.  To speak fluently.

If you feel that your problems with Public Speaking are part of a bigger issue with how you operate in your work, watch our short video on Hypnotherapy for Professional Performance Enhancement.

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