I guarantee my Quit Smoking program.

“Quitting smoking is easy.  I've done it hundreds of times”. Mark Twain

To quit smoking, to kick your nicotine habit for keeps, the answer is simple. Quit the right way and tackle the problem holistically.

How? It's about dealing with your underlying drivers.

I'll make quitting possible and much more comfortable for you.  That's because I'll do it for you differently; designing a tailored series of hypnotherapy treatments that "reprogram" your underlying drivers, examining all of the factors that drive and effect your smoking habit at the mental, emotional and physical levels.

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Understand How Together We'll Make You A Nonsmoker.

Whether you’re a long-term or short-term smoker, a heavy daily user or an occasional “social smoker”, the benefits to your health and longevity of stopping completely and permanently can be profound.   But you already know that, right?  And yet…

Everyone is different and everyone's smoking habit is unique in many ways. Perhaps that might sound unusual, but it's true.

That's why my style of therapy tailors every treatment to the individual, even for something apparently as commonplace as smoking.  I'll work with you to really understand what drives your attachment to smoking.  I'll then utilise a tailored blend of NLP, hypnotherapy, strategic psychotherapy and EMDR to suit your specific needs.  It's the most powerful means of equipping you to quit…for good.

  • It’s non-chemical; you’re not just replacing one set of expensive and nasty chemicals (cigarettes) with another (nicotine patches, gum, inhalers, sprays or pills).
  • My Targeted approach addresses the entire challenge holistically.
    • Addressing the source and drivers of your cravings. These come from deep within your unconscious mind and are anchored in positive associations you attach to smoking.
    • Identifying your other “reasons” for smoking and for not smoking, and leveraging them hypnotically.
    • Examining and where necessary treating related and unhelpful emotions such as anxiety, self-esteem issues, poor body image, boredom, fear and social acceptance issues. Getting to the heart of these issues for you can have far reaching benefits as well.
    • Amplifying your motivation and commitment to making healthy choices in terms of diet, drinking and exercise.
    • Tackling any parallel addictions you might have operating; alcohol, narcotics, gambling, pornography, junk food.


Consider the potential depth and breadth of the problem you face.  Recognise now why chemical approaches and even “quick fix” scripted and canned hypnosis treatments have limited success. Calculate the monthly cost of your smoking habit, let alone the other impacts. Visualise your life without smoking. From every perspective; health, social, financial; it’s time to Target your problem decisively and holistically.

It's important you understand this.  If canned hypnotherapy worked for everyone, then programs such as mine wouldn't exist. You'd probably have just repeatedly watched one of the hundreds of quit smoking hypnosis sessions from YouTube, right? That can work for some, but often it doesn't, and/or the results are only temporary.The chances are, you've already tried just about everything else, including that. If you're reading this, the other approaches haven't worked.

What we will do together to resolve your smoking habit is unlike pretty much anything else you'll have seen on YouTube, or heard on recordings you might have purchased online. How we operate, and our selective use of Strategic Psychotherapy in the process, is what makes this treatment quite different and so effective.

I will take time to understand how your smoking habit "operates"; how you fuel and maintain it. What you get from it. Your positive mental and emotional ties and associations with its sensations. Your "real" and "imagined" drivers to want to smoke, and also for wanting to quit. We'll explore the barriers to your success that have previously existed. Together, we'll then work on correcting and adjusting all of that; piece by piece. To do that properly will take us a little time; between three and four sessions. The results we achieve for you will be worth it.

I'll Back My Treatments With A Guarantee.

If you aren't cured of your smoking habit at the end of my four session program; I'll give you up to three additional sessions, absolutely free of charge,  until you are.

How many times have I had to give additional sessions to quit smoking clients?  Never. Not oneEver.

But I guess its nice for clients to know its available.


How would you prefer to contact me?  Via phone, or contact me via email.   Let's make this happen for you, once and for all.

Come on. You know it's time. You know you'll thank yourself for becoming an ex-smoker.


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