If you're a patient undergoing anything from the simplest procedure to long and complex treatment for serious illness or injury, the hypnotherapy treatment programs I can tailor to the patient's needs can be of enormous benefit.

I can help you get through your medical processes calmly and comfortably, easing the stress and anxiety you might be experiencing. I can help you follow doctor's orders, change your perception of the experience and sensations of treatment including pain. I can also dramatically improve your expected treatment outcomes, results and recovery.

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Targeted Hypnotherapy specialises in the support of patients receiving treatment.

How might it help me?

Are you facing a medical treatment process that makes you anxious or frightened? Are you daunted by the prospects of the physical discomfort involved in your treatment? Is there something about it that you know is "all in your head", but none the less is real for you and getting in the way, such as embarrassment or maybe a phobia about needles? Are you losing sleep over it? Are you finding it difficult to maintain a positive mindset in the face of a long and potentially arduous treatment, recovery and healing process? Is it a real challenge to follow your doctor's orders and stick to what you've been asked to do?

Do you know there are dozens of credible studies proving that when a patient embraces a positive and healing mindset, their chances of a better result and a faster more successful recovery are dramatically improved? We can even change your experience of the sensations and discomfort of treatment including pain.



Perhaps you're through your treatment and finding letting go of your prescription medications difficult?

These are all examples of areas where hypnotherapy based Medical Treatment Support can really help.

Targeted Hypnotherapy is especially prepared for and geared to support the patient receiving treatment.

We can work with you before, during and after your treatment process to help you cope, to face the treatments you need and to get you through them calmly and comfortably. Hopefully by now you've clicked the link above and watched our short video on the subject. If not, why not click here and do so now.


How does this support fit in with what my doctor has arranged for me?

Everyone's situation is different and accordingly everyone's medical processes are different.  We'll design a program tailored to fit in with whatever course of medical treatment you're undertaking. We'll work with you to understand what your medical treatments involve, to better understand the aspects of treatment you're finding difficult or challenging.   We'll then conduct the necessary hypnotherapy treatments at appropriate stages.

We encourage you to discuss this with your doctor.  He or she will no doubt be supportive of the fact you're working proactively to follow their instructions, to comfortably follow their treatment plan, and that you're approaching your medical process from the best possible attitude and  mindset.

If your doctor wishes, he or she can even write a note for you to bring along to me that outlines what specific things they'd like me to focus on in your Hypnotherapy sessions and explaining the “change” that they'd like to see achieved. A kind of "therapeutic prescription" that will help us ensure we're all aligned. That’s of course not essential.  You’re welcome to reach out to me directly and independent of your practitioner if you’d prefer.


Is Hypnotherapy a replacement for my medical process?

We're not suggesting that.  Hypnotherapy generally isn’t a replacement for a regime of medical treatment.  I will work to support the treatment processes and approaches your healthcare provider has arranged for you.  Your Hypnotherapy treatments can occur in parallel. By doing this, you'll be able to take a more active role in your own process of treatment; dialing down unhelpful thinking and fears, reducing pain and suffering and promoting an optimistic outlook towards healing and recovery.

When applied in parallel to the treatments you’re receiving from your doctor or specialist practitioner, it can provide a range of benefits that might surprise you.  Quite amazing results have been tested and proven in credible research trials. The results speak for themselves.

Having said that, there are some cases where traditional medicine has been unsuccessful in treating a patient's condition. If you feel you're such a case, please talk to us about your specific situation and we can explore whether specific therapy for your condition might be helpful.


What sorts of medical treatment areas can you help support?

Examples of the areas of medical practice supported by Targeted Hypnotherapy are listed below.
This list is not exhaustive. If you’re interested to explore how we can help in your specific instance, please contact us.

Emergency Medicine
Burn Care
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Sports Medicine
Remedial Medicine

Click here for an independent article discussing the range of areas where hypnotherapy can be helpful.

If you’re facing treatment in any of these areas, Contact Us and lets discuss how we might be able to help.

What if my doctor wants to learn more about these treatments?

Our website has a section specifically for referring healthcare providers. You might like to refer yours to our site to check it out if they’re unfamiliar with either the methods or our practice.


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