Hypnotherapy for anxiety client

Video: Targeted Hypnotherapy For Anxiety. A Client’s Experience & Results

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Does Hypnotherapy really work as a treatment for Anxiety?  Watch the following video and decide for yourself. I’m often asked about the effectiveness of my therapies in treating complex, long standing and often deeply ingrained conditions such as Anxiety.  As many of my readers would attest, the results I achieve with such conditions are excellent.  […]

Viva la Trance

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There are so many questions, myths and misconceptions about the state of “trance” in the context of hypnotherapy that I just couldn’t resist writing a piece specifically about it. I must say at the outset, it’s something you really must try, at least once. Everyone I assist into trance seems to especially enjoy the overall experience and […]

Hypnotherapy’s Best Kept Secrets

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Introduction As a professional hypnotherapist I’m regularly cornered at social events and dinner parties by fascinated friends (new and old); quizzing me on “all things hypnotherapy”.  Just the mention of hypnosis and what I do seems to create fascination and intrigue.  Perhaps you can relate? So, for the benefit of the curious or those more […]

Quit Smoking or Become A Non Smoker?

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“Quitting smoking is easy, I’ve done it hundreds of times”.      Mark Twain Introduction If quitting smoking was easy, “big tobacco” would be out of business.  Of course, it isn’t.  In fact, the tobacco industry continues to pour hundreds of millions of dollars globally into advertising, covert and subtle endorsements, political influence and lobbying to protect […]

What ARE The Top 100 Phobias?

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Phobias and Fears.   As I often mention, people are generally fascinated by the whole notion of hypnotherapy and ‘”working with the mind to bring about positive change”.  In fact I’ve written a separate article on that very subject. The one area that I’m most regularly quizzed on though, when cornered at cocktail parties and social […]