Video: Targeted Hypnotherapy For Anxiety. A Client’s Experience & Results

Hypnotherapy for anxiety client

Does Hypnotherapy really work as a treatment for Anxiety?  Watch the following video and decide for yourself.

I’m often asked about the effectiveness of my therapies in treating complex, long standing and often deeply ingrained conditions such as Anxiety.  As many of my readers would attest, the results I achieve with such conditions are excellent.  But how does one objectively prove that?

Anxiety is THE most common condition I treat; as a core issue and the issue underlying many other problems that my clients present.

I’ve written a BLOG series specifically on Anxiety.  My Website provides specialized pages discussing the treatment of Anxiety with hypnotherapy,   as well as its’ relationship to Depression, Phobias, Insomnia, Anger and Addictions including smoking and weight management.  Anxiety often appears in conjunction with or during the treatment of many medical conditions and is a major factor to consider in the management of chronic pain.

The World Health organisation has declared Anxiety as the single biggest health issue facing the planet.

However when it all boils down, I can talk about Hypnotherapy for Anxiety until I’m blue in the face.  It’s all still my words. It’s a challenge to adequately demonstrate and prove the effectiveness of these treatments unless you experience it for yourself.  To somehow communicate the release,  the rush of energy, emotion and sheer relief experienced by a client suddenly released from the shackles of their Anxiety.

Well, if a picture paints a thousand words, this video speaks volumes.  

My clients are generally quite private about their conditions and I’m meticulous about honoring their right to privacy, confidentiality and anonymity.  Every once in a while though, I encounter a client who is happy to openly discuss and share insights into their condition and their therapy experience and provides permission to publish their case study on the web.

Here’s a really touching example.  Rebecca called me about five weeks ago in a highly emotional state.  She needed real results quickly as she planned to head overseas.  Over more than two years she had suffered from steadily worsening anxiety. She had experienced numerous panic attacks and was feeling stuck and powerless.  She came to see me the following day…


As you’ve seen, Rebecca now radiates positivity and energy. Her smile has returned.  Watching Rebecca transformed by her treatments was like watching the sun burst through after a fortnight of rain. Her newfound sense of control and purpose has in her words, “changed her life”.  She incidentally achieved these results without medications. 

Thank you so much Rebecca! 

How does her story resonate with yours?  Can you recognise within yourself aspects of Rebecca’s pre-treatment condition?  Or does this video remind you of someone you care about; someone who might need to see it?

Don’t just tolerate life with Anxiety and Stress.  You too can take back control.

If you’re ready to experience real change through a short and effective series of treatments that will achieve changes you and others immediately notice and feel, then it’s time to act.

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