Surfing The Wave Of Change

A friend of mind recently recounted his last twelve months. He’s had to weather the storm of multiple cases of serious family illness and the death of a close loved one.

I penned some words to him which, on reflection, had relevance to others.

I thought You might get something from them.


My dear friend,

It sounds like you’ve weathered a very testing time. My condolences for the loss of your Dad.

Launching yourself into your work now might, as you say, provide a great distraction; some personal therapy. 

What’s happened in your life is also a glimpse into one of life’s great lessons in “Locus of Control”.

Life is finite. How much we get is indeterminate.

Allow that to really penetrate.

The fact that none of us get out of this alive is the ultimate inevitability.

We can at best only influence that inevitability through good lifestyle choices.

Change is a constant;

  a tumult to be swept along in,

            or gracefully ride.

Things do change, can impact us deeply and yet be completely beyond our own control. 

The secret is learning to distinguish what you can control, accepting what you can’t, and really only applying your mind to the former.

One thing we can control is how we prioritise and use the gifts of time and good health that we do have. 

“Learning to play the hands we’re dealt, and to play them well.”

Recognising that the hand you choose to pass on is one you’ll never get to play again. There are no do-overs.

Recognising the life lessons for what they are, and aren’t.  Seeing the opportunities they present, actively choosing the ones you’ll take action on, and doing it!

And above all, squeezing the last drop out of the time and opportunities you are given.

In the light of these life lessons, what might you do differently, recognising that this series of situations, whilst sad, is a golden reminder. 

      Perhaps one of life’s wake up calls. 

What choices do you need to make in the wake of these changes? 

Choices about things you can control? Choices that will allow you to “surf the wave”?

Because, while drowning in it is always an option, it’s a pretty crap one.