Recovering and Rebounding Successfully From Retrenchment

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This article explores the transformational effects that clinical hypnotherapy, utilising hypnosis, can have to help someone cope and indeed thrive through the retrenchment process.

“Retrenchment”, or the process of involuntary or sometimes even voluntary redundancy from employment,  is perhaps one of the most difficult things you’ll cope with in your professional life.  Apart from the obvious potential impacts on your career momentum, it can have profound impact on your self-esteem and confidence, your personal life, relationships and health. 

Introduction:  We live and work in a world where job security and tenure has diminished.  We’ve all seen the scenarios where downsizing, right sizing, M&A and book balancing exercises have seen literally thousands carved out of both corporate and government organisations.

For example, the Australian Financial Review’s January 18th prediction that Australia’s  big four banks will cut 20,000 from their ranks in 2018 has started to materialize with ANZ’s recently announced cuts.  Telstra’s June 20, 2018 announcement of 8000 job cuts is another.  

While many organisations offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s), these often fall short of really equipping those made redundant with the right mindset and attitude to recover and rebound.  Many never do and are forced to rethink their life plan as they join the ranks of the long term unemployed.

What’s It Like?            That all depends on “how you see it”.  If you’re fortunate enough to have done well out of it and it’s come at a convenient time…then you’ll see it as an opportunity to move on with a golden handshake, to take early retirement or to investigate professional reinvention.

For most however this isn’t the case.  

The news that you are “surplus to requirements” is much more likely to be seen by the recipient as a shock; personal affront or insult; a body blow.  It effects your self-esteem, confidence and sense of identity, status and value.  There can be elements of anger and injustice in the mix. Most commonly however it triggers a sense of bewilderment, followed by mild terror as the realities of big city cost-of-living and debt obligations kick in.

“How you see it” shapes how you receive and respond to it, how you’ll see yourself in the process and how you’ll think feel and operate moving forward.

Crucial take-away #1:  If this is something you’re facing right now, here’s an inescapable truth. How you’ll cope with and emerge from the retrenchment experience is affected almost entirely by how you see it

Do I get a choice in how I see it?       The answer is yes, but again, it all “depends”.

If you’re a self- starting pick-yourself-up take-charge type, you’ll take it in your stride and get on with it. You’ll choose to see it as a small speed bump or perhaps even an opportunity. You’ve probably seen this development coming and have been “in the exit lounge” for some time, actively chasing your next role while hanging around long enough to grab the payout.   

If that’s not you however, this has probably caught you completely unawares. One of the things that makes retrenchment so hard is that element of surprise. You’re unprepared mentally and emotionally, probably also financially.  It becomes in your mind a major life event that can either make or break you.  Seeing it this way is typically involuntary and reactive.  It can in turn can trigger anxiety, de-motivation and even spiral into depression. Many experience a sense of hopelessness and helplessness.   It can also trigger or amplify insomnia, substance dependency and health issues such as IBS and weight gain.


How you handle it mentally and emotionally becomes plainly apparent to those in your life; family, colleagues, friends and of course potential new employers.  Anxiety drives desperation that can affect how you come across in job applications and interviews. Employers are rarely aroused by the scent of desperation, hopelessness or demoralization on a candidate.

Crucial take-away #2:   Yes, you get to choose how you see it.  For most it just, kind of, happens.  You can however, engineer that choice and the associated mindsets you adopt. You’ll discover how soon, as you read on.


What happens if I let this get to me?   The way you handle your retrenchment experience can shape how you think and feel about yourself; not only now but going forward…perhaps for the rest of your life.  It can literally shape your career and life trajectory.

In short, choosing to see it the “wrong way”; allowing it deflate, demoralize and undermine you can be disastrous.  It doesn’t matter how good you once were at the work you did. If you present as a desperate and anxious, or flat and demotivated candidate, you’re unlikely to do yourself any favors as you interview.  Eventually, many others in your life can start to see you differently.  If that’s “different” in an unattractive way, then none of us want that.

Crucial take-away #3: As a retrenched person, being mentally and emotionally prepared and at your best for your next career steps is quite literally THE most important challenge you face.  If you’re not at your best, you need to be!  It should be your most urgent and important priority.  

Clinical Hypnotherapy:  Your secret weapon in powering through and rebounding from retrenchment.

Delivered by a qualified specialist, clinical hypnotherapy is one of THE most powerful methods by which to reshape how you see, feel about and navigate through your retrenchment.  Utilising Strategic Psychotherapy, I can dial-down or even eliminate feelings such as anxiety, stress, fear, negativity, demotivation, victim mentality, anger and helplessness.  I can simultaneously dial-up your sense of calm purpose and direction, motivation and confidence.   Applied correctly, utilising Strategic Psychotherapy techniques, I can literally reshape how you “see the situation” and how you subsequently “think, feel and operate”.   To reframe those unhelpful thoughts and feelings and equip you with purposeful strategies.  

I can help you summon the motivation, focus, energy, momentum and resolve to turn your situation around.  To emerge better, stronger, more confident.  To take your next life steps purposefully, while holding your self-image, self-respect and dignity together.  

And through the process, to retain and build admiration and respect.

In my Sydney clinic at Targeted Hypnotherapy for example, treatments for Retrenchment Support and Professional Performance Enhancement are a specialty. You might also find my website a useful resource through which to explore these ideas; to understand hypnotherapy and how it all works. 

Contact us or phone directly on 0431949766 if you’d like to discuss your situation.  

Its safe, fast and effective.  A tailored treatment program typically takes four sessions over three to four weeks.

Crucial take-away #4:   Take the time to properly understand the potential for my clinical hypnotherapy treatments to help you through your Retrenchment experience.  Doing so might just be a pivotal moment in your career and life trajectory.   Take action now. 

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