Resolutions Schmezolutions:  It’s July for heaven’s sake!

There is NO escaping this article. Just read it, damn it! You know your significant other is going to stick it in your face the minute they see it.  Better get on the front foot! Hypnotherapy can help.

Your Conscience (Conscience):  Hey, it’s me; your conscience here.  How are you?

Your thought bubble (you)          Ahh…fine, what’s up?

Conscience:       It’s been a while since we’ve spoken so I thought I’d do the right thing and check in. It IS after all mid-year.

You:                       So?

Conscience:        Well, you might remember that conversation we had…about six months ago.

You:                       Nope.

Conscience:       Sure, you remember.  In fact it was exactly six months ago.  A few minutes after midnight last New Year’s Eve actually.  Right after you emerged from under the mistletoe…   ringing any bells?

You:                       (Feigning a stupid expression of incredulous denial, much like the one you use when someone notices you’ve silently broken wind in an elevator)

Conscience:       Don’t give me that WTF expression. You know exactly what I’m talking about.  You promised some stuff that night…New Year’s resolutions…

You:                       Ooooh yeah, I did, that’s right. (Nailed. No escape)

Conscience:       Judging by the size of your waistline, I’m going out on a limb and saying the “lose 10kg” resolution crashed and burned?

You:                       Ah yeah.  I did get some forms for the gym membership.  Bought a subscription to Men’s Health and found a smoking set of Nike’s at Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Conscience:       All still in their original wrappers?

You:                       Aaaah yep.

Conscience:       Oh come on, it’s been six months.  SO did you at least speak to your boss about that transfer and pay rise?

You:                       Well, there’s not been a good time, she’s been in a bad mood, and …

Conscience:       Whimped out?

You:                       Yep. (Expression of incredulous denial mentioned fades into wilted humiliation, as it would when you realize you’re the only other person in the above-mentioned elevator).

Conscience:       Oh what is the point!?  You’re driving me nuts, man. You do this to me every year.  What’s the point of making resolutions…?

You:                       Don’t judge me, I really meant them. It’s just that I’ve been distracted by other really important stuff, and the friend I was going to do it with let me down.  Then I was tired, and then  … in February I caught a cold … 🙁

Conscience:       How can one human be so devoid of self-esteem, motivation, determination and focus? And don’t even get me started on your lack of confidence…

You:                       Back off you bloody do-gooder. You just don’t understand how tough it is to be me.

Stop giggling.  This is aimed at YOU

I’m guessing this could just as easily have been your own conversation with your conscience, right?

How many of you can honestly say that you’ve reneged on your New Year’s resolution, and that the main reasons (excuses) are:

  • Lack of motivation;
  • Poor goal setting skills;
  • Procrastination and feeble excuses,
  • Low self-discipline, often resulting in your dropping out of the plan you put in place;

and a healthy dose of

  • Lame rationalization and excuse making.

Are you happy with that?  Really?

If not, I have the answer.  Listen up.

In a majority of cases, THE main reasons you’ve not done what you promised yourself are all in your mind.  Those reasons you blame…relating to external factors.  They’re just excuses you’ve used to make yourself feel better.

There, I said it. Someone had to.

For some reason you lack the motivation, confidence, willpower, determination and focus necessary to set realistic goals, build and stick to a plan, measure your progress and achieve the goals you’ve set.

So here’s your answer.  Clinical Hypnotherapy.  Yes, that’s right.  Hypnotherapy is THE most proven and effective way to change your attitude and mindset.

Let me put this in terms you’ll find irresistible. Hypnotherapy It will make it MUCH, MUCH EASIER to keep those promises you make to yourself…whatever they might be

OK do I have your attention now?

Reach out to Targeted Hypnotherapy, Sydney.  We specialize in personal motivation, performance and self-improvement treatments and plans.

We’ll not only help you achieve the goals you set, but also to establish a mindset and attitude that will mean you actually enjoy doing so.   To build and maintain a can-do, self-motivated attitude.   To crave the achievement of your goals. To overcome your anxiety. To have the willpower to say I won’t, and I will, at all the right times. To let go of the bad habits and patterns of thinking and behaviour that are letting you down, holding you back and getting in the way.  You know the ones I mean.

And perhaps most importantly, to build confidence and self-esteem from within.

Importantly, this won’t be one of those fads that quickly sees you slide back into your bad old ways.  Our treatments can get you there, and help keep you there, for keeps.

It’s time to make a mid-year resolution, and MEAN IT.

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Contact us via email, or by phone and let’s get this happening.

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