The Truth About Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss


Let’s understand how hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy can really help you lose weight, and why my approach to helping you achieve that is better and different.

We’re constantly bombarded by adds and offers that promise magical ways to lose weight.  Most don’t work, mainly because, well let’s face it, it’s hard to stick with what they ask you to do, right?  Even worse, its very easy, even if you DO lose weight, to slide back into your old patterns and habits and, guess what…back comes the weight.

Hypnotherapy can be a highly effective way to lose weight, provided it’s done the right way.  Even within our own therapist community, there are unfortunately many “quick fix” promises.  I’m going to suggest you need to be careful with anything that promises quick fix.

If you’re carrying a lot of excess weight, there’s typically a range of underlying issues to be dealt with that are impacting your dietary intake, cravings, physical activity etc. Anxiety is a big one.

I’ll work with you to understand the habits, patterns and thinking that underpin your weight problem…to get your weight down to your target level and keep it there.

But first, you’ll need to read and really absorb some key information.  In terms of your quest for a “normal” weight, it’s possibly the most important thing you’ll ever read.  It regards “an inconvenient truth”.


An Inconvenient Truth

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight over your lifetime,  if you have traditionally carried too much weight, can be a complex challenge.  Don’t be told otherwise.   If it was easy, 63% of adult Australians wouldn’t be overweight or obese!

The habits and patterns we run that support one being overweight are “all in the mind”.  That sounds glib, but it’s fact. Here’s why.

Our mind, especially our unconscious mind, holds and drives our memories, feelings, triggers, desires, emotions, rationalisations and choices.  It’s where our terms of reference and habits form and reside.  They in turn determine what we choose to do, and not to do. How we think, feel and operate.

To be overweight, our mind needs to support patterns that maintain that condition.  So, if you’re overweight, it’s because you’re unconsciously choosing to be overweight…or at least, to do or not do the things that cause you to be overweight.

Yes, this is a generalisation, but one that’s widely applicable and true for the majority.  There are a few exceptions medically, but the chances are you’re not one of them.

There…the truth is out.  Don’t hate me! Somebody had to break the news.

If it makes you feel any better, this is a consensus position across the health industry.  It’s just rarely expressed this way. More on that a little later.

Re-shaping that unhelpful thinking

So, we’ve now established that it’s highly likely you’re in effect unconsciously choosing to be overweight; and that your overweight condition is supported by patterns and habits deeply rooted in your unconscious mind.

Here’s the good news.  Hypnotherapy is THE most powerful tool at our disposal to address, influence and change the thoughts and patterns emanating from your unconscious.  If you’re so inclined, take a look through my web pages on Understanding Hypnotherapy and especially “Everything you’ve always wanted to ask about hypnotherapy but were afraid to ask”.

It explains a bit more about how this all works.

To get you to your target weight, we effectively need to understand how being overweight operates for you. Then, using various hypnotic and psychotherapy techniques, we’ll unpack and adjust and in some cases even replace your unhelpful thoughts, perspectives, feelings and perceptions with more useful ones.  We’ll activate new and useful skills, as well as ones you’ve probably forgotten you have.  That will see us examining your attitudes, thinking and feelings related to activity and exercise, your metabolism, your dietary and rest patterns.  It will also require us to examine how you presently see yourself.

Through hypnosis, I’ll also address any destructive and unhelpful patterns of thinking and habit.  I’ll deal with any unhelpful mental and emotional associations you maintain regarding food and drink, and replace them with more constructive associations.  I’ll address the notion of “comfort food” for example. We can even help you dial down specific cravings.

Yes, I’ll certainly also work on the traditional factors: your willpower, motivation, appetite, cravings, binges  and portion control with a range of hypnotic methods and approaches.

But its the way we target and address the underlying factors that’s crucial.  If we don’t, the results won’t last, and neither of us want that, right?

All of those factors combine to support your current patterns of behavior; when, how and what you eat and drink;  your attitude to exercise and exertion, and how and when you rest and function.  It is regularly the case that issues regarding anxiety, confidence, self-esteem, depression, motivation, procrastination, avoidance and dependency are involved.

Deep stuff, yes. But it needs to be.

All of that means that typically, I’ll need around six sessions with you.  There will be a lot to get through. to get it right.

Some even better news

As we’ve discussed, in a majority of cases, if you’re overweight it’s because of a series of patterns of thinking and behavior you operate.  Being overweight isn’t you, who you are and what you’re about (unless of course you want it to be).  It doesn’t define you, even if you’ve been heavier than you’ve wanted for a very long time.  You aren’t automatically “stuck” in that state.  Working together, we can change things.  We’ll abolish patterns of thought such as “I just give up”, “it’s in my genes” and “I’m just a fat person”.

Is that all I need to do?

Of course not! Ultimately it will come down to a combination of correct diet, exercise and activity, rest and mindfulness.

  • The very best dietary plan in the world won’t work if you don’t choose to apply it and stick to it.
  • The very best exercise and training regime in the world won’t work if you choose not to exercise, and
  • All the mindfulness theory in the world won’t work if you don’t apply it.

Through hypnotherapy, I’ll “reprogram” the necessary elements of your thinking so that you can actually embrace the right combination of best-practice diet, exercise and mindfulness for you;  and make them your new patterns.

That in turn will make it a much more natural and comfortable thing for you to make the right choices in these areas, effortlessly and easily.

As with all of our treatment programs, we’ll tailor it to address the patterns you run that support the problem.

Sound different?  That’s because it is.

Let’s do this.  Together let’s do something decisive towards building a healthier happier you.

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