The Dying Art Of Focus, And Why It Matters

Having a hard time with focus, concentration and generally paying attention?  Is it effecting you in the workplace and your career? Perhaps it’s your teenager or HSC student that suffers from poor attention skills?  Perhaps it’s even putting lives in danger if it’s happening as you drive or ride? It’s often more apparent to others than to ourselves.  It just isn’t a good look, nor is it helpful to your productivity and effectiveness.

Now, pay attention!

Life holds very few rewards for “starting”.  It’s successful completion that brings the pay-offs. 

If you can’t or won’t focus, how will you finish?  More pointedly, WILL you finish at all?” 

What you focus on determines your how you see the world, your effectiveness as an individual contributor and team member and indeed your quality of life.

Indeed “what you focus on, you amplify” (for better or worse).

Yet how many of you actually consider “focus” as a specific area of personal development?

Now answer honestly.  How many of you ought to?


In truth, are you struggling more and more to maintain focus?  What’s that doing for your reputation, quality of life and stress levels?  A lack of focus often means you fall behind.  It gets noticed and attracts criticism or unwanted scrutiny.  Perhaps it means you make costly or dangerous errors.  It might mean you’re accused of being unreasonably distracted and inattentive in your relationships which creates issues.

Ever driven through a speed camera then had that dreadful “oh shit” moment?  If all you had was a fine, you actually got off lightly.  Focus!!!

It’s little wonder that for many, the inability to maintain focus is affecting performance in their job, their studies , their relationships, day-to-day activities…in fact lives.

This in turn can trigger feelings of frustration and performance anxiety.  Blended with the “stuff” we fill our minds and lives with, this makes it even harder to focus. We fall further and further behind, worry about it, and around the cycle goes as we feel progressively worse.  It’s a perfect trigger for anxiety.


Believe it or not, our smartphones and “electronica” are just making matters worse, rather than better in this regard.

We’re constantly bombarded with attention-seeking pop ups and messages. Courtesy of such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and LinkedIn, our information and entertainment now comes to us in bite-sized chunks.

Furthermore, we’ve allowed these platforms and devices to erode our work/life balance and delineation.  We’ve effectively invited our work and world to intrude into every spare moment.  Looking at your phone has for many become a gap-filling reflex.  They beckon us as we wait for a coffee, stand at a pedestrian crossing, travel on public transport, during moments of silence in conversation at social events, at the dinner table and in meetings. Heaven forbid but some even allow it to happen while at the traffic lights or even while driving.

We are becoming “time slicers”, not focused concentrators.

These devices and app’s are effectively training our minds towards shorter and shorter attention spans.  They are training our mind towards an interrupt driven mode of operation where sustained concentration is less and less relevant. Focus and concentration are thus becoming lost skills. If you don’t believe me, just try and hold the attention of your adolescent for more than a minute.

Now, I’m not saying throw away your phone.  I acknowledge that effective multi-tasking is not a crucial life skill.  What I  am saying is:

  1. There’s a better way to operate than allowing your subconscious to run amok, thinking and operating in random 30 second segments;
  2. That means take control of your focus; training your mind to stay on track until you allow it to do otherwise, rather than operating in continual interrupt mode and overly prone to unhelpful distraction.
  3. The key to effective multitasking is staying on track until you choose otherwise.  It actually demands sharper, rather than more relaxed focus.

Of course, everyone has their off days where focus is poor. We might be fatigued or distracted, or perhaps unwell.  But for some, it’s become a pattern, with really undesirable effects.

What many don’t realise though is that an inability to direct one’s focus is actually a key underlying cause of stress and anxiety.  Focus is sometimes easily confused or disrupted; perhaps distracted by thoughts of what is wrong, or might go wrong, which in turn triggers feelings of anxiety.


Focus is something that can be really improved through clinical hypnotherapy. After all, the ability to purposefully direct focus is both a mindset… and a skill-set.

Is Clinical Hypnotherapy The Easiest Way To Train The Mind?

In my practice as a specialist hypnotherapist, I can assist you to build far better, more discerning focus and concentration. To enhance your skills in distinguishing between what’s worth thinking about and actioning; what is real and what is imagined…and what is not.

We can lay solid foundations for your new superior focus skill-set.  We can train your mind to be great at this; faster than you can say “self help books take too long and I never finish them, because I get distrac…….”.

I’ll help you improve skills and resources you have to focus better; to switch on effortlessly when you need to, by making it a practice unconsciously triggered by your subconscious mind.

Importantly, I’ll also help you build skills to switch off; to relax, rest and sleep well. These are quite important skill-sets in your arsenal of focus skills.

I’ll help you capitalise on your own positive strengths and to move from thinking to decisive and productive action.  To filter out the distracting “noise” of unnecessary worry that might be going on in your head.

Success rates for the treatment of focus, concentration and attention skills are excellent.

What you focus on you amplify. What would change or improve in your life, through better focus?

OK, stay with me here.  Don’t click through to the next shiny distraction.  CLICK HERE NOW TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Better still, call now. Right now.

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